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Nucleus Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of LewisCo Group, provides absence and disability claims management reporting software to Fortune 100 companies and Third Party Administrators servicing Fortune 500 customers.  To support these applications, we receive or send thousands of data feeds each from/to our customers and their vendors.  All of these feeds are processed by DTS packages on SQL Server 2000 database servers.  We currently have over 1000 DTS packages in our production environment and a development team of over 30 developers. 

With recent growth in the company and the new developers that were needed to support the new clients, we were having a problem ensuring that software modifications updated all of the impacted software.  A modification to the table structure of a core common table would take a developer several days looking through all of the likely DTS packages to identify which ones used the table and then we were subject to the errors of omission that are typical in this type of manual operations. 

After reviewing and testing several DTS searching software packages, we decided to purchase DTS Power Search.  It is hands down the best of class for DTS search engines.  The ability to search DTS packages for a keyword, table name, of even field name has greatly improved our ability to incorporate all changes needed with an enhancement into the initial development.  The feature to filter the list of names of the DTS packages searched using a wildcard matching allows us to target our searches to just packages associated with a single customer.  We were even able to use the DTS Export feature to incorporate DTS backups and revision tracking using our software version control application. 

DTS Power Search has saved us time during software design and development, reduced the number of errors and failed processes during test, and improved the stability of our production environment by ensuring that changes introduced included all impacted software.  I highly recommend this software to anyone using SQL Server DTS Packages! 

Timothy Hobbs
Senior Software Architect
Nucleus Solutions








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